Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My answer to your question

Who doesn't want to get married in young age? and me? 24 isn't young anymore. By now most of my friends are getting married, planning on honeymoon with husband and some of them already get pregnant! Whenever i bumped into those married couples or baru-nak-kahwin-couple, the same question coming out of their mouths. Truth to be told, i'm already getting used to it---
Bila nak kahwin?

I know. It's torturing. Peer pressure.

I know they got good intention, they cared for me so they wanted to know more about me and my relationship. But asking bila nak kahwin bila nak kahwin so many times while you guys are getting married real soon?? That was so wrong on so many levels, guys. You guys don't even know the struggles we've been through. Sometimes, i do get offended when my people asking me stuff like this. I know they didn't mean to hurt me with that question but i am a human, bro. I do have feeling and i get offended easily :)))
But that's not really the point. My point is, everyone wants to get married but not everyone is lucky like you. It's just a matter of time. 

I don't know. 

I always think if i ever get married by now, i'm a selfish. My parents gave almost everything i want, they gave me a perfect life, good education and i can't simply drop them just like that. I gotta do something to repay everything they did for me until what i am today. But if your parents let you to get married now, then you're lucky. You got their back so keep going.

Some of my friends said "kalau nak tunggu semua cukup sampai bila pun kau tak kahwin!" or even worst
"kahwin jelah untuk elak maksiat"
"kahwin dulu, rezeki datang kemudian"
"kahwin itu sunnah"
Deep inside of my heart, i wanted to get married as early as i can but God always has a better plan for me; for us.
Perkahwinan bukanlah satu pertandingan siapa kahwin dulu dia bahagia atau siapa kahwin cepat dia menang. No such thing.

I know someday, i will get married, i will have beautiful kids, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna own a big house with fancy stuff, driving expensive car and i'll be on plane with my loving-handsome husband. My time will come and i will patiently waiting for the day to come. Good thing takes time, remember?
I'm not saying that i want everything to be perfect but i just want everything to be great after i get married. And you gotta know, perfect and great are two different things ;P 

Married life sounds great but there's a lot to take in. You know, two things became one. It ain't easy like what you seeing everyday in movie, it's more than just that. 

Let's hope for good things to happen rather than complaining, questioning or maybe wondering. You pray for me and i'll pray for you as well :)
inshaAllah, he knows the best.

Thank you for reading!