Thursday, June 22, 2017

My everyday skincare routine


I tried blogging more often but somehow masa tu lah perasaan malas datang and then suddenly something came out of nowhere thus it's very hard for me to keep blogging.
As promised, in my recent post i wanted to answer any question or give tips regarding anything you require from me and yes i've picked randomly question from my instagram. So lucky and i'm too generous, i know i know.

Ok let's start!
Even I had oily face when i was a teen but my face was perfectly fine takada pimples then one day ada lah this one friend of mine, she asked me to buy her product and at  that time i was totally noob and very desirable nak kulit putih so i bought the local products from her. When i got into these bloody local products my skin suddenly glowing within two weeks and i totally looked like opera cina, very white like snow white. Seriously i tell you.. Unfortunately, i only got excited the first year i used the products coz i started felt uneasy so i did some research on google and it was proven that the products got mercury inside. Surprisingly, it could lead to skin cancer!! I was so scared then i bragged and meroyan like crazy takut lah kan mana tahu bila my putih-glow-skin will turn out to something terrible. I tell you, it was.

this pic was taken a year ago

For your information, i was having breakouts on my skin one year ago after i stopped using this one local product. I never had blackheads but after i stopped, eh dia duk mai pulak... lepastu whitehead and then the pimples pun taknak kalah berlumba-lumba dok datang atas muka ni. Then, the pimples leave black scars and it wasn't normal. haish, poning den..

At that moment, i always felt insecure, taknak selfie or upload gambar kat instagram coz that bloody thing. So, i stopped using the local product a month and then my boyfriend introduced me Himalaya products which good but it doesn't work so well on me pun. I mean, it heals my skin but somehow i feel the products didn't improve my skin or tak buatkan warna kulit i sekata or tak glowing compared to before. But it still good though coz my skin wasn't bad as before. Stick to Himalaya for one year because i was too scared to change another product takut if i tukar my skin akan jadi lebih horrible. You see, i'm paranoid ='(

And since i am too rajin googling and found out many information about skincare products, i tried many of them. But, of course la i usually go for drug store products coz for me it is definitely safe =')

So my currently skincare products are.. well, actually quite a lot and it came from various brands, yup.

I've two different types of cleansing form yang i guna but it comes from same brand. Satu i guna masa pagi and the other one for malam.

These three scrubs are my favooooooourite! It smells so good, 100% natural ingredient, dermatologists tested and paraben free as well. I absolutely loooooooove it. I love trying out new scrub but so far these are the best.

My previous toner was himalaya and hada labo. I didn't like them so much coz it made my skin straight dry up and it feels really uncomfortable. So i bought these two recently just to try it on and guess what? It is great. Jelita.KL i bought from my friend it makes my skin fresh and Mars toner i purchased online from Mars. As usual, i went through reviews first and the feedback mostly said okay so i guess no harm trying.

Left: my day cream. Right: night cream.
Oh and by the way i'm changing Himalaya products to Bio Essence coz i think it suits on my skin well. I want to look natural without any make-ups so, day cream helps me a lot on that :)

These two act as moisturizer! I gotta admit aloevera gel from Guardian save my face from dryness. Organic aid tu pon okay jugak but not really my type, i must say. 

Besides scrub, I also love pampering my face with mask once a week. I just bought clay mask from Jelita.KL a month ago and it feels good as well. But honestly i prefer face mask from Himalaya.
Right: The only product from Himalaya that i've been using up until right now. You guys only know the truth when you try this on your face. This is just too good. I guna twice a week and i like the feeling water washing off the exfoliants and dead skin off of my face makes me feel owh-semmm! Compared with clay mask, maybe my blackhead/whitehead terlalu degil so i think it only worked 60% on my face.

So mesti you all macam "banyak nya skincare tak takut ke if breakout lagi?" Honestly for me, i didn't mind spending money on skincare cuz you know it's my face mannnnnnn.. hahaha kidding! Skincare product is like try and error kind of stuff.  I don't know if these products may help you in the future, perhaps it works on me but not on you. I strongly believe brand doesn't matter but it's the effectiveness on your skin. Tapi jangan lah simply nak ambil jalan mudah by using local products. My advice is, before nak cuba any product please be rajin. Do some research, browsing internet to look up on the reviews especially ingredient yang ada dalam that product.

Anyway, no matter what beauty drink, collagen, vitamin you consume everyday or whatever available in the market right now, i'm still stick to taking care of my skin by using the right skincare products and eating right. I avoid drinking carbonated drinks and try my very best drink at least 2 liter of mineral water per day. 
Hence, i hope it helps and good luck!

Fun Fact: fyi, oily skin slower rate of aging! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

A quick update.

Assalamualaikum guys!

It's been a long time since my last update because I was so busy with Uni life and now alhamdulillah I am finally have some free time for myself.. Degree life is almost over and it was absolutely drive me crazy.
Since I have a very very very lot of time I am thinking of spending most of my free time to keep my blog update or maybe I can post at least something beneficial for everyone on my blog?

Anything like--
1) skin care routine (cehhh, macam lah I have perfect skin kan but i'm sure i can help a bit)
2) my 3 years experience in school of education
3) how to get over this or that
4) ..."why am I so beautiful"... lol kidding!
5) girls' problems
6) hijab's experience
7) best place to eat (now i feel older than my age though)
You know, that kind of stuff

You guys are welcome to give me any suggestion regarding any issues or topic for me to share on my blog, or apa-apa information yang you guys nak tahu daripada I. I akan choose one topic every week and I will try my very best to share or answer anything I know and make it useful for everyone else in the future. Besides, sharing is caring kan?

So don't be shy. I tengah baik hati ni. Hehehe! Ask me anything or just DM me on instagram!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Some people might say Hijrah is hard, Hijrah is tiring, Hijrah is scary or Hijrah is unacceptable. If you ask me, macam mana kalau kita buat satu perubahan tapi tak consistent? Hari ni pakai labuh esok pakai senteng pula.. Hari ni buat baik esok buat dosa lagi.. Jangan risau, kalau belum istiqamah tapi niat kau baik, Tuhan tengok effort tau. Tuhan pasti akan mudahkan. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit, kan? :)

Hijrah is easy if you believe in yourself and you ignore what people will say about your changes.
Contohnya, dulu kau tak kisah langsung bab solat tapi sekarang kau dah mula ambil wuduk dan bentang tikar sejadah.
atau mungkin dulu kau tak suka tolong orang tapi hari ni bila kawan kau kata dia takada duit nak makan and she needs your help so you give her rm10, that is a hijrah to me.

Hijrah is subjective. It's not about changing your physical looks only but it's about how you treat people, it's about the way you think dulu childish sekarang dah matured or it's about how you deal with your surrounding. It is about;
"dulu biasa-biasa now better"
Tak kiralah apa-apa perubahan baik yang kau lakukan dulu kau tak pernah buat tapi sekarang kau dah start buat, itu lah hijrah sebenar untuk diri kau.
Hijrah ni bukannya sebab kau nak nampak alim dan di pandang mulia semata but you do hijrah to be better, better than the old version of you. Remember that.

Tapi hidayah tak sampai-sampai, macam mana ni?
You have to look for it, you gotta fight for it. Betul, hidayah memang milik Allah but if you really want it, seek for it. Hidayah tak datang dari langit, macam tu juga rezeki tak datang bergolek. Kau kena kerja keras to earn the money, same goes to hidayah. Kalau kau tak start cari sampai bila-bila kau tak akan jumpa. So start lah cari dari sekarang, mana tahu jumpa?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Having a partner (unmarried) who refused holding your hands in public doesn't mean he doesn't love you, doesn't mean you're unlovable, doesn't mean you guys are not happy.

He's a genious but you're blind.

Wearing syariah compliance clothes doesn't mean you're ugly, doesn't mean you outdated, doesn't mean you're not stylish.

She's a genious but you're moronic.

Jangan prejudiskan tindakan manusia. People do what they feel right and happy. So do you. Kalau kau rasa membuka aib sendiri satu tindakan yang bernas, go on. Nobody stops you.