Saturday, July 8, 2017

What's good in ipoh?


Good food & rare stuff. These two things are the only reasons why i always wanted to be there again and again.. i've been there more than three times and i came just because of food. Yes guys ain't kidding about that and you must be surprised. I know.

So, what's good mate? I listed out a few things that you can find in ipoh so yeah... You guys should check it out.

Usually i went to ipoh during weekends and i akan bertolak at 7am so i akan sampai around 10am from shah alam. I don't mind waking up early in the morning just for the sake of breakfast food in New Hollywood. Ok, like this one. This is my all time favourite and must meal everytime i come to ipoh. It is a chinese food! They have two choices which are chicken and prawn but my usual is always chicken chee cheong fan cuz i'm kinda allergy to prawn. So, chicken it is.

Don't be too suprised others can eat more than me. *blink eye* My second meal in New Hollywood is this one! It tastes like mee biasa but inside it they put cendawan, ayam and kicap. I can't remember its name so you gotta and look around the place ya.

I didn't like this one because i don't eat telur kuning but for telur goyang lover i'm sure you gonna like this. 

foods in new hollywood

Ohh!! They also got pudding caramel and kuih bakul. It's available at the other stall. You guys can order dekat luar but still can sit makan in New Hollywood. Cool innit? Hmm.. i miss that! I miss having breakfast in there with all these chinese, indian people eating together at one place. You know the feeling i have for ipoh is kinda unreasonable. Hahaha
Location : New Hollywood Canning Garden

After had my breakfast, around 12.30pm you guys boleh lah rasa ice kepal dekat Plan B! It is just a small shop at Plan B and yeah people will drop by there and lepak-lepak, take photos and stuff. Anyways, a lot of flavour offered but my favourite is roselle ice kepal. It tastes really niceeeeee! I still can feel it in my tongue. Told ya i'm being dramatic. 
Location : Kong Heng Square (Plan B)

This is how i do. Cehhhh semua orang makan style macam ni so yeah.... it's a trend so why not give it a try mueheheh =p

The only curry meal yang i paling suka. Fyi, i don't eat curry food (to be specific mamak food LOL). Not that i'm a picky person but i don't like rempah that kind of stuff. If i ain't got no choice my last option would be curry :> So, this is the only nasi ganja/nasi kandar yang i boleh makan.. Kalau you come over but you tak try, you rugi okay. I can eat two plates in one time! How's that? hehehe
Location : Nasi Ganja Yong Suan 

Laksa telur bersarang. Yes, people! imma laksa lover. Before i discovered this place, i've read somewhere on facebook that they've best laksa in town. So, i cari sampai jumpa and finally i found it! The first i went takada lagi stall beside their shop but now if korang pergi korang akan nampak banyak stall yang jual various food and drink so i think it's cool. A bit far from ipoh town but i think it's worth it. Telur goreng bersarang dia rangup macam keropok tau. I never tasted it before so masa i makan i was like mashaAllah this is like a real heaven on earth!! Loved it!!
Location : Laksa Telur Bersarang Taman Seri Botani

But if you guys ada somewhere in manjoi area, you guys boleh try juga Laksa Saranghae! I heard rumors this one way better than laksa telur bersarang (well, actually it's the same. laksa with telur rangup)  but because they also serve mix fruits so takpayah lah korang pergi ipoh dessert street dekat Tong Sui Kai semata-mata untuk mixed fruits. I know ipoh's cool. Damn, why am i writing this post on night and currently far far away from ipoh? Haih! Anyway, the shop close on Sunday tau!
Location : Laksa Saranghae Manjoi

Before headed back to Shah Alam, i singgah petit mary buying some breads and cakes untuk makan-makan dalam kereta. My boyfriend approved so i guess this is nice place to chill. You know, lepak makan roti or desserts sambil minum air mineral is our thing so yeah........................ :> i like this place too! 

I know you guys will be like "oh-em-gee banyak nya kau makan tapi tak gemuk pun?" excuse meh, i puasa dua hari before nak pergi food hunting tau! That's why i slim je ;P (joke)

Actually ada banyak lagi kedai makan yang i tak sempat explore lagi. However, i already read the reviews before i went unfortunately,  i can't keep up. But, i definitely will come again for food, obviously. Maybe after this i'll stay for one night with my friends and exploring more food in ipoh.
I like ipoh more than my place you know.. Ipoh got nicest food, coolest small town and most important thing makanan super cheap mana lah nak cari dekat Shah Alam kan.. if i nak settle down if and only my future husband let me choose a place to stay i definitely will go for ipoh. But i understand sometimes dreams do not come true. Hahaha

ANYWAYS, if you're planning drop by during sunday after breakfast you guys boleh pergi Pasar Karat Memory Lane in ipoh town. Banyak rare and antique stuff you can buy and boleh bargain price dekat those uncles yang meniaga dekat situ. Street food pun ada, clothes, tudung and such pon ada.

Location : Pasar Karat Memory Lane

In case you're wondering, even though i went to ipoh several times i tak pernah tidur in ipoh even for one night. So, please don't ask me things like "kat mana eh hotel best to stay in ipoh?" Guys, i don't work there. I took more than three months by reading some reviews on internet. And of course, with some help from my friends who've stayed in ipoh. Like usual, before pergi please please do some extra reading. 
So, i guess that's it. I hope this is helpful in any way!
Hope you remember me when eating those foods *cry* and you can always send some at my doorstep!

Thank you for reading!